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The Old, The Bold, and the New: Jewelry Trends for Autumn/Winter 2018

Jewelry and accessory - aren't they the same thing? Not really. Jewelry, collectively speaking, consists of personal ornaments - rings, necklaces, earrings, etc; An accessory is a part of something else - something additional, like an attachment. A single piece of jewelry can stand on its own, and can make or break a look.
Now, you probably have a few questions. Does my jewelry have to keep up with the current trend? Do they have to be expensive? Designer-made? Yes and no, no, and not always. Just like any fashion trend, there's a season for each kind of jewelry. It pays to have the trendy pieces, but it's always good to have a few of the timeless ones - pearls and colored gems, which are actually making a comeback this year. 
Below are a few pieces recommended by your most trusted brands and designers for the autumn/fall season:

1. Hoop Earrings

Much like pearl earrings, hoop earrings never really left the fashion industry; they have just been revamped throughout the years. T…
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How to choose a suitable Jewelry as a gift for your Mother's Day?

There was a girl growing up by giving the love to their Children as a role of "Mother.So let us get her back by wearing the Jewelry and cheer her up on Mother's Day. Jewelry is the most acceptable and treasured gift which has a variety of styles from necklaces to earrings,bracelets and rings etc.

Here comes several tips for you to choose the Mother's Day Jewelry:
  1.Get some information from your daily life. We can get the idea of style and color from her jewelry now already own. For example, we can get the ring size by taking her older rings to jewelry store to check.

 2.Chat with her about the clothes or jewelry to know what she wishes to buy. Surprise her to get it earlier than she expected. It’s also a way to find the jewelry to match her favorite dress.

 3.Study the pro-knowledge about the jewelry will help you gift her something that she will be touched every time when she wearing them.
   a: The face shape should be considered which style of the necklace and …

How to improve your relationship with your Chinese supplier?

There's no doubt that the Chinese supplier is the most powerful choice when you do the wholesale business in any area. There are many things like The international tariffs,importing customs and so on.After deal with all of things, your business ball runs slowly but quite good in condition.You'd better to consider the problem is how can you make your supplier's relationship growing up.
  Here comes several ways for you to do:
   1.Meeting in China is generally highly expensive for many companies. But it is a best efficient way to build up and develop the relationships with Chinese supplier. In the Chinese culture,It's very official way to visit the business partner.
   2.Friendship is a key for you to open the door of Chinese culture relation.Chinese prefer to make friends than the business partner in your deal. They can accept your trial order if you are a new seller as a friend deal. So you can add their WeChat or WhatsApp to chat to know more about each other and …

As a new Jewelry seller, we need to consider these problems bellow to start our business step by step

As a new Jewelry seller, we need to consider these problems bellow to start our business: 1.Ask: where are your target audience? eBay Or Amazon  eBay is a good place for you to practice your business skills. It's good for you to calculate the cost and profit clearly in a small business. It's do not need you prepare a big quantity stocking goods. And during these time, you can learn to how it runs the business on line. But the group of customer is very care about the price.And You will study how to bargain with your customer.    Amazon is a pro-selling E-commerce platform. It takes more time to follow the step of rules. The photo of the item and description is also should obey the rules of  Amazon. The Amazon FBA shipping need you have enough stock to sell in their warehouse.
2.Ask: what’s product would be your first choice to sell ? About the style:  We can use the Google to find the trends topic and style. There are eBay seller tools to check the other guy's item. There is new…

Wholesale stainless steel bracelets for mans -

Fashion Jewelry Trend Of 2018

The development of design is unrepeatable, and the jewelry trend of design is hard to fathom.

Jewelry design conforms to the trend of The Times. New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week have all ring the curtain down on in the big four fashion weeks of the spring and summer of 2018, with hundreds of fashion brands releasing new collections successively. In addition to the fine clothes and fine jewelry that have already been released, the jewelry match by the model on the catwalk show which is also be striking for her unique fashion choices and style!
At present, we are in an era of increasing globalization and transparency of information. Due to the Internet and the flood of global trade, information is spreading more and more widely. Emerging culture and design have been unrestricted by the network of various contacts, find the suitable soil capsule, spread anywhere in the world. The mainstream, mainstream culture that we once knew is long gone.

For example,…

The best Christmas gift ideas for 2017

Everyone waits the Christmas bell to ring each year and the eternal sound of the bells promise another most amazing celebration and prosperous New Year too. It is definitely a great chance for you to show some respect and gratitude in planning and selecting a unique gift for your someone special.

However, this doesn’t mean that best Christmas gifts need to be expensive. On the contrary, the uniqueness, originality and funny of Christmas gifts are even more important. Unique, personalized Christmas gifts will speak for you and show your appreciation and gratitude to the person you want to surprise and make happy.
Here are some Christmas gift ideas that will inspire you. Christmas gift ideas for Children
Although we all celebrate Christmas, the main characters of Christmas are the children, and they look forward to what Santa will give them. Christmas is synonymous with surprise and joy for them. So what are we going to send our kids to Santa?
Christmas gift ideas for the elder
Christmas gift…